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Review by Leo Han, Senior Editor of Prime AV magazine

The entire content is excerpted from Han, Leo (2022). Audio Art magazine No. 403, p. 117

I have always been intrigued by the operational principles of this Chronos Optimizer, but have yet to receive a satisfactory explanation. This marks my inaugural experience, engaging in an audial verification of this Chronos Optimizer, utilizing a refined and meticulously calibrated High-End audio system at our editor-in-chief's home. The composition I listened was the "Devil's Dance" (from the "John Williams in Vienna"). Upon experiencing the utilization of this Chronos Optimizer, I perceive that the alterations in sound are unlike those induced by the substitution of cables or speaker pads, which merely cause a shift in the distribution of sound energy across different frequency ranges. Instead, this Chronos Optimizer lends a subtle elevation to the overall musical rendition. For instance, I perceive a greater sense of sonic stability and heightened energy convergence. And, the soundstage expands further, becoming wider and more crystalline, as if one can perceive a heightened sense of spatial clarity. Particularly, the composition I listened was performed at the esteemed Golden Hall Vienna, which enhanced my perception of the live ambiance captured in the recording. The resonant tones produced by Mutter's violin playing are remarkably exquisite. After listening for a while, I find that the equipment conveys a very authentic sense of texture. The sound image is exceptionally clear. The sound is detailed and has a remarkable sense of spatial dimensionality. This Chronos Optimizer makes the music come alive.

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