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Applied to car audio, Chronos Optimizer effortlessly achieves an enhancement

The entire content is excerpted from Su, YungLun (2024). Audio Art magazine No. 425, p. 113

In the evolution of this new generation of Chronos Optimizer, there is a markedly different mode of usage, emphasizing the concept that 'Chronos Optimizer requires no connection to audio system, and does not even need to be powered.' Due to this exceptional ease of use, I conducted my testing in a distinctive environment — within an automobile. As I spend a considerable amount of time enjoying music in my car, I am quite familiar with the typical listening experience. I decided to bring Chronos Optimizer directly into my car for evaluation.

Initially, I listened to a few tracks that I often play in the car without Chronos Optimizer. Then, to conduct the test, I retrieved Chronos Optimizer from my home where I had initially placed it, bringing it downstairs to the car. I positioned Chronos Optimizer within a small open storage space near the console in the front seat and played the same tracks again for comparison. It was quite intriguing; there was indeed a discernible difference! The primary acoustic evolution manifested in a subtle enhancement of focus. Remarkably, even in my unmodified, not expensive car audio system, there was a hint of improved sound imaging. This direction of evolution aligns with my previous experiences in reviewing many different car audio modifications. The heightened sense of focus clarifies the sound stage within the car, has a much more meatiness and body to the sound of instruments and vocals, and imbuing them with a newfound energy. The imagery of the sound has improved significantly, making the experience rather captivating!

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