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Nirvana Audio Co., Ltd.




4th Floor, No. 665, Bannan Road
Zhonghe District, New Taipei City 23557
​Taiwan (ROC)

About Nirvana Audio

      Nirvana Audio initially focused on mastering and developed an exclusive mastering technology. This technology takes a physical approach, offering a new way to make music sound clearer, more powerful, and more detailed, all without changing the original music digital file's 0/1 sequence (the file size remains the same). Upon further exploration, we discovered that our core technology deals with the unnecessary resonance generated by subtle potential differences and pulse during the mastering conversion process. We now refer to this core technology as 'Micro Resonance Sequencing' (MRS) technology.
      Eventually, we use our MRS technology to empower a USB flash drive to have an epoch-making ability to optimize the audio equipment and launch this Chronos Optimizer in 2021.

      Nirvana Audio Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SNOW FACTORY Co., Ltd., one of the market leaders in branded yogurt products with annual revenues of nearly USD$16.5 million and has 36 physical stores in Taiwan. The owner of Nirvana Audio Co., Ltd., Mr. William Su, is the co-founder of SNOW FACTORY Co., Ltd.. He is audiophile, earned Bachelor of Law from National Chengchi University, and earned Master of Business Administration from National Taiwan University. He co-founded SNOW FACTORY in 2007, and became the owner of Nirvana Audio in 2020. 

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