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Usage Introduction

When using Chronos Optimizer, it exhibits several distinct characteristics that differentiate it from the familiar usage we've known in the past:

  1. “Single living space” is the area where Chronos can have an impact on the audio equipment

    Whether it be a roomy exhibition hall, an individual space within a building, or even a vehicle, once Chronos is positioned in the same area as the audio equipment is positioned, Chronos exerts its influence on that audio equipment. *Depending on diverse environments and user’s listening preferences, some of our customers may opt to have more Chronos as needed in their single living space.


  2. Chronos functions effectively without requiring power

    Depending on user preferences and the environment, users can opt to use the product without the need for external power. Chronos optimizer can be activated solely through the existing acoustic resonance within the single living space. Alternatively, users may choose to power the product using external sources like power banks or mobile phone chargers to enhance its effects.
    *We recommend that our customers use the product without the need for external power. However, it is up to our customers to decide how they want to use the product.
    * When using external power sources, the performance of our product may vary with different brands and types of power banks and chargers, potentially impacting the quality of acoustic resonance. We recommend consulting with Nirvana Audio or our local distributors for the most suitable solution.

  3. Chronos can be used on both analog and digital systems

    Chronos primarily has impact on electronic signals and acoustic wave vibrations, so it is not restricted by equipment, music type, etc. It actually integrates with audio systems in an extremely fast and direct way, collaborating and operating alongside each other.

    【 Caution! 】Do not insert Chronos into any electronic device with electronic computer capabilities (e.g., desktop computers, laptops, NAS servers, projectors, car computers,… etc.), in order to completely prevent any form of hardware read or write, which may destroy the integrity of its effects.

Introduction to the effects

When Chronos Optimizer is activated, it has a profound impact on music reproduction through audio systems. The entire process, from electrical signal production to the culmination of acoustic wave vibrations in the room, can be significantly optimized. This optimization results in noticeable noise reduction, increased music information, enhanced audio system stability, and the natural optimization of audio equipment functionality. For instance, the audio system can amplify higher volume sound without overloading; maintaining clarity and preserving the integrity of low-frequency sound even at the softest volume.

When listening, the sound not only becomes clearer, purer, and more powerful, but the enhancements in density and low-frequency quality yield discernible improvements. As the sound is meticulously restructured and harmonized, common issues such as reflection, diffusion, and even challenging problems like standing waves and bloated bass can be promptly eradicated. Consequently, a stereo audio system need only fulfill basic requirements for speaker placement, yet it will unveil an extraordinary see-through soundstage.

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