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Why do you need to register your product?

      Our exclusive technology for enhancing audio quality constantly evolves and surpasses limitations as time passes by.

      While the product you currently possess has been crafted with our latest technology, it is possible that one year from now our technology will have developed even more powerful. In order to ensure that you always have the finest experience in music appreciation, we kindly invite you to register your product so that you may stay informed about the latest advancements in our technology. Besides, in the event that you encounter any difficulties while using this product, it would be instrumental for us to ascertain the product version and engage in correspondence with you to discuss how to find a solution.

Registration Form

Product Registration

※ If you have more than one Chronos optimizers, you can register more than one product serial numbers at the same time.

For example: you can enter "
C*20*1**607,   C*2**13*608” in the column above.

Thank you for submitting the above information!

After completing product registration, you can enjoy the following services:

- Notification of product version upgrade service.
- Be among the first to receive the latest updates from Nirvana Audio.

- Notifications of periodic events organized by our company.

Payment Methods
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