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Nirvana Audio

Chronos Optimizer
for Audio Equipment


The prompt eradication of noise within the audio system and to significantly rise the signal-to-noise ratio. To produce noticeable background quiet and let you hear more detail.


The sound density has been increased by the superposition of energy. The audio system is capable of handling higher volumes without distortion. Even when played at low volumes,  it is still capable of delivering clear and detailed sound.


Say goodbye to flat sound image. Help to recover the original sound field from the recording, and to give an even more accurate sound position.


Uncover more subtle information about the music, and optimize the continuity of the music. To make the moods of the music more tangible and perceptible.


“The audio system in my home has already been finely tuned, yet Chronos has the capability to further enhance the audio performance of my system.”

​~ Jack Liu, editor-in-chief of Audio Art magazine

Exhibition Information

High End Munich 2024

Date:May, 9-12, 2024

Room No.
Hall 4, W11

TAA International 
Hi-End Show 2024

Date:August, 15-18, 2024

Room No.
Coming soon

KLIAV Show 2024

Date:October, 25-27, 2024

Room No.



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