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Chronos Warranty

Explanations regarding the warranty period

Upon inspection by our authorized agents, dealers, or Nirvana Audio, if it is determined that the product has malfunctioned due to manufacturing reasons, free repairs will be provided starting from the date of purchase. If the repair is not feasible, we will replace it with a product of the same model (or a product with similar specifications). The standard warranty period is typically five years.

***Upon completing the product registration form, you shall be entitled to the comprehensive five-year repair service.

***Those who provide false information regarding the purchase date shall regrettably be ineligible for the complimentary service. In the event of any dispute concerning the determination of the purchase date, please present the purchase proof (e.g., an invoice, or a warranty card which is packaged with our product ).

Post-warranty and non-warranty service

If the repairs fall outside the boundaries of complimentary warranty services, consumers are required to bear the costs associated with maintenance and diagnostic assessments. Should the consumer find the repair costs unacceptable, we could reject to proceed with the requested repairs.


Please notice:

If the occurrence surpasses the complimentary service warranty period or falls outside the coverage of the warranty, even if the customer chooses not to proceed with the repair after inspection, we shall still levy a product diagnostic fee.

Scope of warranty services

The scope of this service warranty does not encompass any malfunctions caused by factors other than inherent product defects, including but not limited to (1)Unforeseen events such as natural disasters, earthquake, and lightning strikes, (2)Improper usage, abuse, and negligence (such as liquid infiltration, moisture damage, etc.), and external damages to the appearance., and (3) Repairs, modifications, or disassembling of the product have not been carried out by our authorized agents, dealers, or technicians appointed by Nirvana Audio.

Exclusions from the warranty services

After the examination carried out by us, if the product itself does not exhibit any faults or defects, and the abnormality arises from other accessories, audio equipments, or related peripheral devices connected to our product, it will not be covered under our service warranty.



We firmly disclaim all other warranty services not explicitly stated on this page, whether express or implied. Except for the extent limited by applicable law, any implied warranties, including those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are not included in our product warranty service.



The warranty services described on this page are only valid in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and shall not be transferable.

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