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Right Antidote! Transmuting the minor flaw inherent in the audio system

The entire content is excerpted from Tsai, ChengJe (2024). Audio Art magazine No. 425, p. 113

The audition was conducted in my own abode, and although the principles of Chronos Optimizer may evoke skepticism among audiophiles, its actual effects undoubtedly reveals enhancement akin to the effect of tuning implements. The integration of Chronos Optimizer lends the listening experience a heightened resolution and a more opulent resonance. The nuances of resonance extend beyond the realm of midrange and treble, also subtly altering the lingering echoes of the bass such as jazz drums. Simultaneously, within my own audio system, midrange tones exhibit a tendency toward distance, and certain tracks with intensified high-frequency components manifest a somewhat aggressive character. Following attentive scrutiny and contemplation, it is my conjecture that Chronos Optimizer, in my system, instigates a perceptible amplification of the sensory amplitude at both the treble and the bass, thereby rendering a clearer delineation of highs and lows, therefore with a relatively laid-back vocal presence. Many audio systems, in reality, grapple with frequency response anomalies characterized by recesses in both the high and low frequencies. The integration of Chronos Optimizer proves to be a discerning choice, effectively ameliorating the ultimate performance of the system, a judicious option for those inclined to fine-tune their audio systems.

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