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Review by ZhongHao Tao, Senior Editor of Audio Art magazine

The entire content is excerpted from Tao, ZhongHao (2022). Audio Art magazine No. 403, p. 116-117

Many individuals harbor doubts regarding the Chronos Optimizer launched by Nirvana Audio. Is it merely a USB flash drive, they ask, and does it genuinely enhance the audio playback experience? Or is it simply a case of the Emperor's New Clothes?

To be frank, prior to engaging in the test at our editor-in-chief's home, I, like everyone else, harbored skepticism. However, upon attentive listening, I can candidly disclose to all that this Chronos Optimizer does have the ability to elevate the sound performance of audio playback, with noticeable and appreciable enhancements. Based on my personal auditory perception, the enhancements experienced when using the Chronos Optimizer on a 2-channel speakers system are more pronounced compared to listening with headphones. Furthermore, the improvements on High-End audio systems are even more discernible.

The first change I perceived was not only a wider soundstage but also a greater delineation of depth and layering. I also notice a change that the lingering resonance of instruments and vocals occurs, rendering them more crystalline. Such changes have let me able to capture more spatial reverberations and harmonics, which could possibly account for the wider soundstage I've encountered. The enhancement in soundstage may be less perceptible when experienced through headphones, thus I have discovered that the improvements brought about by this Chronos Optimizer are more pronounced when applied to a 2-channel speakers system. The enhancement in subtle nuances may be less discernible in entry level systems, hence I believe that the effects of using this Chronos Optimizer are more pronounced when applied to High-End audio systems. When using this Chronos Optimizer, upon initial listening, it appears that the energy and coherence of the mid to low frequencies have slightly diminished. However, upon closer listening, I can confirm that the sense of energy in the mid to low frequencies has not actually diminished. It's just that the positioning of the mid to low frequencies in the soundstage has indeed shifted slightly towards the rear, and the timbre of vocals and instruments, on the other hand, becomes even more natural and fluid. What kind of technology lies within this Chronos Optimizer? It is a secret that the manufacturer finds difficult to explain or disclose openly, so everything must be experienced and judged by one's own ears. After conducting my listening test, I can confidently say that this product is indeed effective.

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