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The longer you listen, the more you can appreciate the improvement effect | Editor’s Product Review

The entire content is excerpted from Tao, ZhongHao (2023). Audio Art magazine No. 414, p. 121 Many other tuning devices exhibit noticeable effects when first used, but the perceptible impact diminishes after several additional listening sessions. Contrarily, when using Chronos optimizer, the longer you listen, the more you can appreciate the improvement effect.

In my personal audio system, I have incorporated a Chronos optimizer graciously loaned by Nirvana Audio for testing purposes. After incorporating it into my audio system, I paid it little attention, until one day when I unplugged it and suddenly realized its true effectiveness. When employing Chronos optimizer, the sound becomes more vivid, substantial, and immersive; besides, the sonic elements blend together seamlessly, creating a cohesive and organic audio experience. Upon Chronos optimizer’s removal, the sound stage abruptly loses its depth, and the tangible presence of musical instruments diminishes significantly. This effectiveness bears semblance to the subtle augmentation of mid-range frequencies through a judicious application of EQ. However, the act of adjusting EQ alone fails to enhance the sound stage and sound imaging that is achievable through the utilization of this Chronos optimizer, wherein the remarkable amelioration is attainable without compromising the integrity of the musical signal. Though challenging to explicate within existing theoretical frameworks, it is undeniable that this Chronos optimizer’s efficacy remains resolute and substantiated.

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