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Review by Yung-Lun Su, Editor of Audio Art magazine

The entire content is excerpted from Su, YungLun (2022). Audio Art magazine No. 403, p. 120

This mysterious audio accessory, with its simple usage, brings forth unmistakable enhancements in sound quality. For this test, I first familiarized myself with the audio system that the editor-in-chief used as a reference in his home. Then, I compared the listening experience with and without the use of this Chronos Optimizer. After hearing it, I can confidently affirm that the effects are entirely positive. After using this Chronos Optimizer, I distinctly perceive that the musical landscape becomes vivid, vibrant, and exudes a renewed vitality, akin to a fully inflated balloon. Upon removing this Chronos Optimizer, while one may not perceive any inherent flaws, there is a subtle sense of something missing, akin to the deflation of a balloon, a slight diminishment in the vibrant hues of the musical landscape, and a decrease in its saturation; although the high resolution and dynamic performance remain unaltered.

The most wondrous aspect of this Chronos Optimizer, in my perception, lies in the profound sense of evolution it imparts, which truly renders it arduous for me to ascertain whether a similar enhancement would be conferred under the circumstances of "utilizing other audio accessories or cables." Perhaps, if one were to substitute different cables, a skewed imbalance may arise, necessitating greater exertion in subsequent readjustments. I can only express that its effects in enhancing saturation in musics and overall power are exceptionally remarkable, and, most importantly, it contributes to an enhanced listening experience. Setting aside the undisclosed technical aspects behind this Chronos Optimizer, if we purely focus on the realm of "tuning", I believe that for the enjoyment of audio, this product serves as a valuable tool, providing numerous benefits for audiophiles to consider.

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