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Heed Audio Modular Quasar Phono Preamplifier
Heed Audio Modular Quasar Phono Preamplifier side view

The QUASAR is built in dual-mono configuration from the power supply upwards. There are two separate amplifier stages for MM and MC cartridges, both being fed from their own regulated power supply arrangement. Optimum adjustments to the MC cartridge in use can be applied for sensitivity and load by various settings of the jumpers on the PCB. The two separate outputs with different output levels make it possible to fine match for preamps or recorders.


The output stage has huge headroom at extremely low noise levels and, due to its low output impedance and high current delivery, can drive long interconnect cables without any sonic degradation.


The enhanced power supply of the QUASAR, the Q-PSU that also can be used as power supply upgrade with other components, is based around a 50 VA toroidal transformer with low-density magnetic field and very little dispersion. This power, together with a fine voltage regulation system, can feed the circuit with the kind of super-clean current usually delivered only by battery-based supplies, even with extreme dynamic swings.



Inputs / Outputs

Inputs: 1x MM / 1x MC

"High Out" 220mV ( 0dBm) 100Ω

"Low Out" 775mV ( -10dBm) 22Ω


Input impedance

MM 47kΩ

MC 100 / 470 / 1000 Ω



50dB for MM、62-78dB for MC


Frequency response

3 Hz – 150kHz,±3dB


Input sensitivity

MM 2.5 mV

MC 100 / 330 / 600 µV


RIAA accuracy

± 0.5 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

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