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Standing just 293 mm tall and 104 mm wide, the W5 doesn’t impose itself on any listening space. Once you listen, you’ll be hooked on just how big the little W5 sounds.


Boasting just 2.8 L of cabinet volume, the W5 really shouldn’t fill your listening space with such grace and ease. Punchy bass comes from a driver capable of 18.5 mm of excursion. A liquid and lucid midrange with an accurate top end emanates from our 3’’ widebander made to spec just for Boenicke Audio. The ambient rear tweeter complements the main drive units and augmented by premium silk-wrapped Litz hookup wiring and WBT NextGen binding posts, this is a very grown-up little speaker.


Expect the usual Boenicke soundstaging as breathtaking as any vast landscape, a liquid midrange, accurate tone and harmonics which combine to connect you to your music in a way that defies what you thought possible.

Boenicke W5 Speaker three side views


Sensitivity: 83 - 88 dB / watt / m depending on frequency


Nom. Impedance: 4 Ω


Dimensions: 10.4 x 29.3 x 23.1 cm


Weight: ~ 3.5 kg / ea. depending on version and wood type


Stand Height: 48 cm


▪ 5” long-throw woofer (X-max = 9.25 mm) tuned to 50 Hz without an electrical crossover

▪ 3” widebander made to spec with unique electromechanical 8 cm parallel spiral resonator, 1st order high pass

▪ Orientation-optimised silk-wrapped stranded Litz hookup wiring


▪ WBT NextGen binding posts

▪ Ambient rear tweeter

Boenicke W5 Speaker left side view
Boenicke W5 Speaker 3 internal structure

Review Excerpts

“To say that the W5 blew our minds would be putting it criminally mild...”


“...highly recommend the Boenicke Audio W5... these are the most impressive small speakers I’ve heard in a long, long while.”


“Long story short, the unique W5s are the best monitors I’ve had the pleasure of familiarising myself with thus far...”


W5 SE version

▪ 16 cm spiral resonator on widebander and woofer


▪ Mundorf silver / gold / oil capacitor for widebander, added Duelund tinned copper foil 0.01 μF bypass capacitor

Boenicke W5 Speaker 3 with its floor stand

W5 SE+ version

The W5 SE+ is the top version of the W5.

▪ 16 cm spiral resonator on widebander and woofer in both parallel and series


▪ Additional Harmonix Tuning Bases on widebander magnet


▪ Proprietary acoustic phase linearization network

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