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Using Chronos to Optimize Car Audio System on Mercedes-Benz S-Class S450

For most audiophiles who indulge in the realm of 2-channel high-end speaker systems, car audio systems are but a compromise in use, as the listening experience they offer can hardly be described as truly indulgent.

The chief executive officer of Nirvana Audio frequently traverse vast distances by means of a car. On ordinary days, nearly a sixth of his time is spent within the confines of the vehicle. After two and a half years, the Mercedes-Benz GLE that rested in his possession had traversed a distance exceeding eighty thousand kilometers. Thus, in the month of November last year, he made the decision to exchange it for a new vehicle, the M-Benz S-Class S450.

Seizing the occasion of the vehicle handover, he extended an invitation to the dealers in Taiwan, Chupei Lin and Junde Lin, who had lent their aid to the company's exhibitions before. Together, we embarked on an auditory experience in this brand new car, in order to test the effects of our Chronos Optimizer could bestow upon the car audio system.

Upon settling into the new car, the auditory manifestation that greeted us held an initial impression superior by far to the inaugural resounding of the Burmester system, an optional addition to the M-Benz GLE for a mere several thousand dollars.

When we start to use this Burmester system first time, we could hear that the piano keys exhibited a distinct variation in touch intensity, accompanied by an abundance of nuance in the resonant tones. The timbre, too, bore a delicacy that was quite pronounced. However, the auditory shortcomings experienced are akin to those encountered with the initial state of the M-Benz GLE before it was optimized by our Chronos Optimizer: the soundstage exhibits a lack of depth, with a deficiency in the spatial differentiation among diverse instrumentations. The cohesion of sound images appears lax, and when exposed to rapid successions of tense and urgent musical phrases, a sense of disarray may ensue.

After mere moments of powering up the Chronos Optimizer in the new car, the optimization effect it brings forth bestows a pronounced sense of instrument localization within the soundstage. The abundant and vivid sound, along with the strength of the sound, imbue the piano's smooth and seamless melodic articulation with heightened vivacity. Vexing fringes of extraneous noise cease to manifest, endowing the act of listening with a comfort akin to the riding experience within a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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