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The W8 is the first floorstander in the Boenicke Audio range.
You’ll note how the design aspects flow from the little W5 into the side-firing woofer and widebander to which the W8 adds a dedicated midrange and larger ambient tweeter.
The midrange driver is custom and sports an apple tree phase plug and maple cone on the back of the magnet.
Expect deeper and more plentiful bass with the ability to fill most domestic listening spaces.
Listening to the W8 for the first time is finally hearing your favourite musicians as living entities within your listening space and no longer as two-dimensional cut-outs. The magic of individuals playing together to create a performance is laid bare by the W8 as an experience you will enjoy each time you listen.

Boenicke W8 Speaker side view


Sensitivity: 84 - 88 dB / watt / m depending on frequency


Nom. Impedance: 4 Ω


Dimensions: 77.6 x 11.4 x 26 cm


Weight: ~ 10 kg / ea. depending on version and wood type


▪ 6.5” long-throw woofer tuned to 28 Hz without any electrical crossover


▪ 4” custom-made paper cone mid / woofer, 1st order low pass, no high pass, apple tree phase plug, maple wood cone on back of magnet


▪ 3” widebander with unique 8 cm electromechanical parallel spiral resonator, 1st order high pass

▪ Ambient rear tweeter

Boenicke W8 Speaker left side view
Boenicke W8 Speaker front side view


▪ Orientation-optimised silk-wrapped stranded Litz hookup wiring


▪ WBT NextGen binding posts

Review Excerpts

“Quite simply the most stunning pair of small floorstanding speakers we have heard – be prepared to be amazed.”


“The Boenicke W8s do absolutely glorious things to the voices of female vocalists...”


“...its performance with voices is such that it gets you wondering if Boenicke has also found a way to equip the W8 with lungs...”


Boenicke W8 Speaker inside structure

W8 SE version

The W8 SE is the upgraded version of the W8.

.16 cm parallel resonator on widebander
.Additional 16 cm parallel resonator on mid / woofer

.Additional latest-gen Bybee Quantum Purifiers

.Additional proprietary phase linearization network

.Duelund tinned copper foil 0.01 μF bypass capacitor

.Swing Base included

W8 SE+ version

The W8 SE+ is the top version of the W8.

.16 cm spiral resonator on both widebander and mid / woofer in parallel and series
.Additional Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature

.Additional Harmonix Tuning Bases on widebander magnet

.Mundorf silver / gold / oil main capacitor on widebander with Duelund tinned copper foil 0.01 μF bypass capacitor

.Mundorf silver / gold / oil capacitor for rear tweeter

.Swing Base included

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