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The W11 cabinet size gives it real sonic advantages and allows the solid wood's beauty to truly shine.
Crafted for those with larger listening spaces, W11 takes the emotive performance of the W5 / W8 to a new level.
The carbon-fibre honeycomb woofer adds a new bass dimension. Fine adjustments to it can be made to ensure room-tailored performance courtesy of a super high-quality autoformer providing 2.5 dB increments of cut / boost.
The custom wood-cone mid / woofer renders textures in instruments so real that you will reach out to touch what isn't physically present.

Boenicke W11 Speaker


Sensitivity: 86 - 88 dB / watt / m, depending on frequency

Nom. Impedance: 6 Ω (drops to 2 Ω below 120 Hz if loudest bass setting is chosen)

Dimensions: 105 x 16.1 x 39 cm

Weight: ~ 25 kg / ea. depending on version and wood type


▪  10” long-throw flat carbon-fibre honeycomb woofer tuned to 27 Hz on a 1st order crossover

▪  6” custom wood-cone mid / woofer on a 1st order low pass, no high pass, ash tree phase plug, magnet structure force fit to the wooden mass of the enclosure

▪  3” custom widebander with unique electromechanical 8 cm spiral parallel resonator, 1st order high pass


▪  Ambient rear tweeter

Boenicke W11 Wood Driver
Boenicke W11 Speaker front and side view


▪  Bass level adjustable in 2.5 dB increments using a custom-made super high-quality autoformer


▪  Orientation-optimised silk-wrapped stranded Litz hookup wiring


▪  WBT NextGen binding posts

Review Excerpts

“...the naturalness with which the W11SE+ celebrates Father John Misty’s vocal timbre can only be described as benchmark setting...”


“...after all, audio is usually a game of compromises. But not this time...”

      ~ 6MOONS.COM

“The amount of delivered details was staggering...”


Boenicke W11 Speaker back view

W11 SE version

The W11 SE is the upgraded version of the W11.

.16 cm parallel resonator on widebander
.Additional 16 cm parallel resonator on mid / woofer

.Additional latest-gen Bybee Quantum Purifiers

.Additional proprietary phase linearization network

.Mundorf silver / gold / oil capacitor on widebander

.Additional Duelund tinned copper foil 0.01 μF bypass capacitor

W11 SE+ version

The W11 SE+ is the top version of the W11.

.16 cm spiral resonator on widebander and mid / woofer in both parallel and series
.Additional Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature

.Additional Bybee Quantum Purifier directly before positive driver terminal

.Additional Harmonix Tuning Bases on widebander magnet

.Mundorf silver / gold / oil main capacitor on widebander, Duelund silver foil 0.01 μF bypass capacitor

.Mundorf silver / gold / oil capacitor on rear tweeter

.2 x LessLoss Firewall for speakers built in

C37 lacquer on rear side of wood cone and inner side of voice coil former

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